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Fast, nimble, stable – and it scythes through rush-hour traffic. It’s the motorbike you can ride on a car licence… and I’ve gone and bought one

According to the RSPB, there are fewer than 30 breeding pairs of these small, delicate waders left on our shores. Which is interesting, but also wrong. I have some breaking news: they’ve just been knocked off their perch by the motorcycle taxi-bike driver. Some strange folk don’t believe there are such things as Limobikes and Limobike riders. +7 The Piaggio ... Read More »

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Dune Revealed at LA Auto Show, Available as a Cabriolet

Both coupe and roofless Beetle Dune models will make their motor show debuts later today in Los Angeles. However, we can already check them out thanks to a substantial photo gallery released by the manufacturer. Starting on Thursday, November 19, both can be ordered in Germany, with prices beginning at €23,625 for the Beetle Dune Coupe and €27,800 for the ... Read More »

FCC’s auto show attracts students

LAHORE: Auto Show 2015, organised by the Leadership Forum Society and Forman Dramatics Club, attracted thousands of students on Saturday at the parking lot of Forman Christian College (FCC). The event was organised first time in the history of FCC, where around 250 cars and motorbikes belonging to different categories including vintage, 4×4, SUVs, modified and luxury vehicles were displayed. ... Read More »

Kenya: Higher Taxes Hit Used Car Dealers Ahead of New Law

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has slapped higher taxes on importers of second-hand vehicles ahead of a new duty that will push the prices up by Sh200,000. The revenue authority reviewed the current retail selling price of second-hand vehicles in October 15. This is the benchmark the taxman uses to calculate taxes. Documents seen by the Sunday Nation show the ... Read More »

Used-Car Prices Fall to Lowest Point This Year

Gas is cheap, and so are some used hybrid cars. The two models that had the biggest October declines in seller-set asking prices were the Toyota Prius Plug-In and Ford Fusion Hybrid. Average prices for the Prius Plug-In were down 5.7 percent ($1,110), and Fusion Hybrid prices dipped 4.4 percent ($849). The Prius Plug-In has been in the top 10 ... Read More »

Only 10% of used buyers check a car’s history

New data collected by the RAC shows that 90% of motorists are taking an unnecessary risk when buying a second-hand car because they’re failing to check its history before handing over their cash. This means that 2.5m of the 2.8m used cars sold every year are not checked for such issues as outstanding finance, being written off for insurance, or ... Read More »

Insurance firm ranks Halifax worst place for vehicle collisions

 The frequency of vehicle collisions in Halifax is increasing, says newly released data. Allstate Canada numbers sent out Thursday show that Halifax ranks last out of 81 communities, with the highest frequency of collisions over the last two years. For its annual study, Allstate used customer data from communities in provinces where the company has agency locations: Nova Scotia, New ... Read More »


The infant who captured the country’s attention is now one-month-old. Affectionately known as “Baby Buns,” Kaleb Graves came into the world weighing just 13 ounces. Mom Dana delivered Kaleb 17 weeks early, after doctors said her blood pressure was dangerously high and could kill her. We first met the couple when their video went viral. After 17 years of trying, ... Read More »


After a dominant year on the mound, Houston Astros starter Dallas Keuchel was voted the American League (AL) Cy Young Award victor. He was 13-1 on the road and in his nine starts versus NL Central rivals Pittsburgh and St. Louis, Arrieta had an ERA of 1.45. Since the All-Star Game began in 1933, no qualifying pitcher in Major League ... Read More »


Chicago jumped to a 10-0 lead as Portland missed its first seven shots from the field. The Blazers offense was listless, lacking the movement of players, the ball and were plagued by a general uncertainty that hovered over their play all night. The two men got tangled up in the fourth quarter of what was a one-point game Tuesday. “I ... Read More »