Audi Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV Concept Expected At Detroit Auto Show



Audi’s parent group Volkswagen is going through some trouble these days, to put it mildly, its emissions cheating scandal has severely tarnished the group’s image not to mention the fact that it’s going to cost Volkswagen a lot of money to make this right. It wouldn’t be wrong to show off some of the work that the group has been doing for the promotion of sustainable methods of powering a car which is why it’s expected that Audi will show off a hydrogen fuel cell SUV concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Several reports from the German media suggest that the new Audi Q6 h-tron concept will be unveiled at Detroit Auto Show next month, the concept is said to be similar to Audi’s Q6 e-tron quattro all-electric concept, which is expected to hit the road by 2018.

Even though the Audi A6 h-tron is said to be the same car in many aspects, it’s bound to have a few chances as opposed to its all-electric counterpart, changes might include some tweaks to the exterior aside from the major difference which would be the use of fuel cell power as opposed to electricity.

There’s no confirmation as yet from Audi if it’s going to show off a new concept at the Detroit Auto Show next month but a report does cite an Audi spokesman who said that a “concept car with new drive technology” is on the agenda for the upcoming auto show. We’ll find out for sure next month.