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There are many anabolic steroids, many people look for achieving their goals using anabolic steroids. The primary purpose why many athletes and body builders use steroids is that they enhance the performance of a person. Few steroids are use as post cycle therapy which acts as supplement for enhancing the performance.

Best anabolic steroids which help in different purposes

There are two types of steroids. However, there are many anabolic steroids which acts as a supplement and are taken by many bodybuilders and athletes.  For bulking one can use Anadrol which can be taken orally. Many female athletes use Anavar for lean gains and cutting. For weight loss and cutting cycles many use Clenbuterol. There are few supplements  which are taken for post cycle therapy and Clomid is the best anabolic steroid. Other famous steroid which helps in fat loss as well as cutting is Cytomel. Deca Durbolin is another steroid which helps in bulking and this can also be used for cutting. While looking for bulking many bodybuilders use Dianabol. For enhancing the strength of a person the most common supplement used is Equipoise. For gaining strength and aggression the most used steroid is Halotesin. The famous anabolic steroid on can use for bulking and muscle growth is Human Growth Hormone. Insulin in another important hormone which a body needs, few take insulin supplement in the form of steroid for enhancing their performance and for endurance. A person can use Lasix steroid which helps them in trimming their body and reduce water retention as well as swelling.  For strength and size, Methyltestosterone helps. When a person is looking for maintenance of cholesterol and reduction of PCT, the helpful steroid is Nolvadex. Other useful steroid for gaining muscle mass and for cutting is Omnadren. High nitrogen retention can be achieved with the use of anabolic steroid Primobolan, it also helps in achieving lean muscle. When testosterone levels are low or sometimes supressed due to few other steroids, one can use Cypionate. Another replacement for testosterone is Enanthate. Other popular anabolic steroid which is used for strength and size is Winstrol and this is not as toxic as Trenbolone.

Steroids have benefits and one must be careful while using them

Steroids not only have benefits and uses, they also come with some or the other side effects. The anabolic steroids always differ with properties and many have side effects. A person need to look at the side effects before deciding to use the supplement. They must look at the steroid which helps in increasing their performance and check if that steroid can be used by male and female users. Check how much toxic the substance is and if it is healthy or not. Few steroids have positive effects like they help in cutting and the user will look trim and also promotes the growth of muscle. Few steroids help in enhancing the muscle strength. While most of the steroids come with negative effects which causes water retention and the toxicity effect liver and kidneys. Few steroids effect the cholesterol levels and the blood pressure.