2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 Review

The 2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 was launched in India a few months ago and we happened to ride it at the Buddh International Circuit as well. It did manage to impress us with its dynamics but we were keen on riding the motorcycle on regular traffic laden roads to see how it fared as a daily ride! The launch of the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 marked the re-entry of the company in the 250 cc space after the Inazuma was discontinued a few years ago. The 200 c to 400 cc motorcycle segment is seeing decent growth in India and it makes sense for a company to have presence in this burgeoning segment. While the Gixxer SF 250 is fairly a late entrant, could it prove to be worthy option in that space? We think so!



(The Gixxer SF 250 is a good-looking motorcycle with proportionate, balanced design)

The Gixxer SF 250 is a made-in-India motorcycle. It has been designed especially for India and we quite like the way it looks. The fairing has been integrated well into the body and sculpted tank adds muscle to the overall look. There is a certain old-school charm about the LED headlamp as well. Plus, the overall supersport look is completed by the fat rubber tyres, 150 mm at the rear and 110 mm up front. Needless to say, the silhouette of the motorcycle is sporty. The rear section carries a sleek design, ending well at the tail-lamp but could have been sexier! There is a chrome-tipped upswept twin exhaust which looks quite good too and increases the glam quotient at the rear.

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Features & ergonomics


(The instrument console on the 2019 Gixxer SF 250 is backlit and has a decent readout)

Suzuki has given the Gixxer SF 250 a decent list of feature as well. The front end is adorned by a triple LED headlamp and the rear too gets an LED tail lamp. Plus, there is a fully digital instrument console which is backlit and offers good readability on the move as well and a dual-channel ABS is a standard fitment on the motorcycle. While the overall design is that of a supersport, the seating position isn’t as severe. Yes, it is forward-biased but it won’t tire you out on long inter-city rides. The clip-on handlebars offer good leverage too. The overall ergonomics are sporty enough to get you going in the mood to ride.

Engine specifications


(The Gixxer SF 250 gets a 249 cc oil-cooled engine, making 26 bhp & 22.6 Nm)

The Gixxer SF 250 gets a 249 cc single cylinder engine which is oil-cooled and pumps out 26 bhp at 9,000 rpm along with having a peak torque output of 22.6 Nm at 7,500 rpm and is paired to a 6-speed gearbox. The engine is oil-cooled and Suzuki says that it has certain advantages. Firstly, there is no need of a cooling device like a water pump or cooling fins, which means no additional weight and lesser maintenance. The oil cooling channel was added so that engine can be cooled quicker over wider range of area and results in a stable engine temperature as well.

How’s the performance?


(The motorcycle has a linear power delivery, with no hidden surprises)

Quite likeable, actually! The power delivery is on point and the acceleration is brisk! Triple digit speeds come in quickly and the motorcycle can happily hold on to them all day long. The way the motorcycle responds to throttle inputs will inspire a lot of confidence to new 250 cc buyers. The bottom end torque is a little lacking but it isn’t a deal-breaker! Plus, the six-speed gearbox is quite slick and makes light work on shifting gears. Should you need to shed speed quickly, the brakes are up for it too. There is enough bite, the feel is progressive too and the dual-channel ABS isn’t as intrusive either.

Ride and handling


(The Gixxer SF 250 is a sweet-handling motorcycle and its likes taking on corners)

The Gixxer SF 250 is built on the same steel downtube frame but has been updated and feels stiffer too. Suzuki motorcycles are sweet handlers and this one is no different. Show it a set of corners and it is almost as if the bike’s eye light up! The way it turns in, will definitely make you happy. There is no drama and the grip from the fat MRF rubber is more than adequate. The Gixxer runs on telescopic forks up front and has a monoshock at the rear. The suspension is stiff and keeps the balance of the motorcycle unruffled should you encounter a mid-corner bump. It keeps things tidy and enjoyable. The good bit is that the suspension will handle all the bumps and potholes during your regular riding with ease as well.

Our take


(It is priced at ₹ 1.71 lakh and goes up against the likes of Honda CBR250R, Yamaha Fazer25 and KTM RC200)

In India, it will go up against the likes of the Honda CBR250R, Yamaha Fazer25 and the KTC RC200 and at a price of ₹ 1.71 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), we believe the Gixxer SF 250 to be a solid purchase in its segment. It looks good, has decent performance and handles quite well too. It sporty enough to be ridden around switchbacks and can handle daily commuting too with equal aplomb. It may have entered a little late to the 250 cc – 400 cc segment but it is definitely a well-rounded package that can do justice to multiple roles.