2017 Hero Glamour FI review

The bike actually looks all-new and a bit bigger as compared to its predecessorThe bike actually looks all-new and a bit bigger as compared to its predecessor
The 125cc commuter segment does not get quite the limelight in the Indian two-wheeler market. People tend to either go for a 100-110cc mileage churner or a better performing 150-160cc premium commuter. However, there are two models trying to break the league with an optimum combination of both, and one of them is Glamour from Hero MotoCorp.

Despite a slow start in 2005, the bike gradually overcame struggles to break into the top-five selling bracket. Now – after more than a decade, the bike has received its first major update with the all-new model being designed considering the international market as well. And that is the reason the 2017 Hero Glamour was first unveiled in Argentina.

While the bike is now available on sale in India in standard option, the following review is based on the FI (Fuel Injection) variant which is also on sale.

What’s new in the design?

The bike actually looks all-new and a bit bigger as compared to its predecessor. However, the overall weight remains almost similar, courtesy the lighter single downtube frame.

The new aerodynamic styling provides a sportier stance to the 2017 Hero Glamour and there are some interesting details such as the sharp LED tail lamp and the new split-spoke alloys. While the new fuel tank has a lesser capacity (11-litres), it looks more masculine with the well-designed extending shrouds.

The angular headlamp, side panels, rear panels and the contured seat goes well with the concept to provide a stylish road presence to the new model.

Besides a long rear mudguard, the bike features a tyre hugger that ensures no water/slush gets thrown at the vehicles behind . The long horizontal exhaust muffler looks old-school but the all-black theme saves it from looking odd. The theme is further complimented with a dual-tone paint scheme including black in all the colour options.

What’s new in the functionality?

The arrangement of the new instrument cluster remains almost similar to that in the previous model. However, a premium feel comes with a silver outline on it. The console features an analog speedometer and an LCD screen, showing odo/trip meters, fuel gauge, service reminder and an instantaneous fuel consumption. While the ‘Real Time Mileage Indicator’ is a first-in-class feature, its results are not accurate.

There are necessary telltale lights on the dash and a reset button to set the trip meter. The standard model of the 2017 Glamour also features the i3S (idle stop-start system) which is not available with the FI version.

Another unique feature of the bike is a lean sensor that makes the bike safer in drop down conditions by cutting off power.

How does the all-new engine performs?

The new Glamour is powered by an all-new 125cc engine that has been developed in-house by Hero MotoCorp. Unlike the previous horizontal cylinder, the new motor gets a forward-inlined verticle cylinder.

It is claimed that the engine delivers much more power (11.7PS) and slightly increased torque (11Nm) using the Programmed Fuel-Injection (PGM-FI). However, the refinement is not up to the mark set by the company itself. Vibrations start kicking in even at the mid range and aggravate as one revs hard.

The four-speed gearbox works just fine but not as smooth as one expects from Hero. Despite a fuel injection system, the fueling is also not up to mark, and one can feel a significant gap in response. The advantage of the extra power can be felt only when one wants to touch the top speed which is 95kmph.

While the bike claims to return up to 81kmpl, its overall real world fuel efficiency is around 60kmpl.

How’s the ride comfort?

The well-cushioned seat is one of the impressive features that make riding comfortable with an upright seating posture. Moreover, the well-tuned suspension set-up fits right in the package with an optimum balance between comfort and control.

Is there any improvement in handling?

Yes, there are improvements in the bike’s handling and one can feel it especially while city riding. The new design increases its flickability in the traffic making it feel lighter as compared to the older version. The cornering stability has also been enhanced.

Thanks to the standard 240mm disc brake at the front in the FI version, there is a decent braking force to stop the bike in most situations.

The 2017 Hero Glamour starts at Rs 58,896, while the FI version gets a price tag of Rs 69,548 (both ex-showroom).

Those who are looking to upgrade their 100-110cc ride for a little extra performance have to find something else, but if style and comfort are all that one is looking for in the above-mentioned price range, the 2017 Hero Glamour can be a good choice.

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2017 Hero Glamour FI