2015 Mazda MX-5 review | road test


The waiting list is not as long as the one for the Ford Mustang, which now stretches beyond customer No. 3000, but the enthusiasm reflects well on a car that should be described as THE new MX-5 and not just A new one.

This one is closer to the original from 1989 than the cars that came between — it’s now safe to say the car got softer and more bloated with the passing of time.

This MX-5 is so sharp and focused that it’s back to a basic 1.5L engine and trim body.

Little things, such as four wheel nuts instead of five and a super-lightweight gearknob, show a relentless pursuit of … well, what makes it a real MX-5.

The result, driven briskly on home roads I know well, is a car that’s great fun and great to look at, and that shows great driving is still possible in 2015.
After sampling the MX-5 on preview drives in England, Scotland and the Sunshine Coast, I have a giant smile as I collect a car for The Tick test.

It’s no surprise that it’s red, that it’s the base model to get the purest experience, and that it’s heading straight to twisty roads in a secret river valley near my home.