2015 Mahindra Mojo Review


When you name a bike Mojo, you better make sure it lives up to its name or else you are asking for not so happy headlines hitting the press or social media. Well that they should be justified in doing so considering the long period of development, Mahindra Two Wheelers has taken to make sure the Mojo is 100 per cent on target. Frankly I went for the ride with little or no expectations from this new sports bike but came back positively impressed; here’s why.

Our route from Bangalore to Coorg was a pristine highway and that’s where Mojo’s touring capabilities come to the fore. It’s the 300cc liquid cooled engine that leaves you with a broad smile thanks to its refinement. I kept pushing the bike out on the open road assuming it would show some strain but I was surprised when it showed none.

Mahindra Mojo

Mahindra Mojo

The engine with max power of 27bhp was at ease cruising at speeds above 110 km/h and kudos to the Mahindra team for making this the bikes biggest strength. The peak torque of 30Nm kicks in at 4500 rpm to 6700 rpm and gives the Mojo strong mid-range acceleration band. The six-speed gearshift makes for spirited riding as it is quick and responsive on highways. It, however, isn’t as smooth in city traffic as it takes its time when you look to downshift.