2015 Ford Everest, Toyota Fortuner and Toyota LandCruiser Prado review

Ford is invading Toyota’s turf with a go-anywhere SUV but the king off the road is fighting back.

When your popularity is waning, it’s not a great idea to pick a fight with the biggest, most popular kid in the playground.

But that’s exactly what Ford has done. It’s called out Toyota with a series of “challenger” advertisements that highlight “customer advantages” it offers over its rival.

First in the crosshairs was the mid-size bestseller,the Camry. Then it was the biggest selling ute, the HiLux. Now it’s Australia’s favourite large SUV, the Prado.

It’s a hell of a way to get noticed.

Ford is confident its Ranger with a roof, the Everest, can mix it with the Prado. But there’s a catch. Toyota has just added a roof to its HiLux, called it the Fortuner and undercut the Ford on price.

There’s no doubt the Everest has a mountain to climb to match this pair of Toyotas. It’s time to find out whether it belongs at the summit or back at base camp.