20 Best Black Friday New-Car Deals


It’s that time of year again, and though we doubt many people will be lining up outside their local car dealerships in the wee hours of the morning on the day after Thanksgiving, automakers are nonetheless offering some of the sweetest deals of the year as part of their annual Black Friday events.

“Black Friday programs in the auto industry are notably robust this year,” says Eric Lyman, vice president of industry insights for the vehicle shopping website TrueCar. “Similar to last November, automakers have been getting an early start on Black Friday-themed advertising to keep consumers headed to dealer showrooms.”

Expect local dealerships to get in the act with their own Black Friday promotions to help lure consumers already in a spending mood into their showrooms. However, expect the most generous incentives and/or deepest discounts to be limited to the slowest sellers on the lot, and especially on any remaining 2015 model-year inventory, while the hottest-selling rides may still command at or close to sticker price.

We’re featuring 20 of the best Black Friday deals we could uncover, including cash incentives, cut-rate financing and discounted lease deals.

Acura ILX

The Fine Print: Be aware that not all buyers will qualify for all incentives or lease deals. Offers often vary by region and are subject to subsequent modification or termination by the manufacturer. What’s more, additional incentives may apply to any of our best deals this month, such as those often offered to recent college graduates and members of the military or other groups. The lowest advertised financing rates and lease deals are typically open only to qualified buyers with top credit ratings and may vary based on eligibility.

Monthly lease payments quoted are generally for base trim levels with the equipment indicated and do not include any additional options, taxes or registration fees. Cash due at signing includes the down payment and first month’s lease payment.

As always, dealer participation may vary. Check the automakers’ and local dealers’ websites for additional deals and details.

And keep in mind that such incentives all come directly from the automaker. For their part, dealers should also be willing to slash their markups to help “move the metal” on any of these models, so be sure to negotiate the transaction price separately from any cash rebate that may apply and shop around for the best bottom-line deal.