Announcing 1st and Future, A Startup Competition From TechCrunch, The NFL And Stanford

In little more than three months, the NFL’s historic 50th Super Bowl is coming to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Just when we were in the depths of planning our dip-to-chip ratio for our viewing party, the NFL came to us with an idea: A sports-themed pitch-off competition just before the big game named 1st and Future. The concept is ... Read More »

Will Smith says he may enter politics ‘in the near future’

Will Smith, tired of the current state of affairs in the US, has declared an intention to perhaps enter the political arena “in the near future” in a podcast interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Appearing on Scott Feinberg’s Awards Chatter podcast on Wednesday, the 47-year-old actor talked about his upcoming goals, which include a plan to elevate his abilities to ... Read More »

Five ways work will change in the future

1 | Workplace structures Forget the rigid corporate ladder – now the corporate lattice allows free-flowing ideas and career paths Browse the business section of any bookshop and you’ll find dozens of titles promising to share the secret to climbing the corporate ladder. But the day is not far off when such books will seem as quaint and outmoded as ... Read More »

Monetary Policy: Past, Present and Future

The ECB’s monetary policy measures have clearly worked, in fact they are probably the dominant force spurring the recovery. They have been instrumental in arresting and reversing the deflationary pressures that hit the euro a year ago. Yet growth momentum remains weak and inflation remains well below our objective of below but close to 2%. Composite lending rates for non-financial ... Read More »

Inside Faraday Future, the secretive car company chasing Tesla

Inside a suburban Los Angeles industrial building that once served as an R&D facility for Japanese automotive giant Nissan, natural midday light spills through the windows. Today, a very different company occupies this space. I arrive at lunchtime. It’s catered, in true startup fashion — there’s no time to have your employees actually leaving the building for lunch, of course. ... Read More »

The Future of Stadiums Might Be No Stadium at All

 NOT LONG AFTER the Dallas Cowboys debuted the NFL’s largest video board at their new stadium in 2009, the Houston Texans rolled out an even bigger screen. Then the Jacksonville Jaguars went even bigger at their new venue, throwing in an in-stadium swimming pool as a bonus. The building of NFL stadiums has become an arms race, but architect Dan ... Read More »

Future of doping war in spotlight at WADA meeting

The IAAF on Friday provisionally suspended Russian athletes from international competition, potentially putting their participation at next year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics in jeopardy. WADA’s executive committee will meet in Colorado Springs, outside Denver on Tuesday before a full meeting of the agency’s foundation board on Wednesday, where officials are expected to rule that Russia’s anti-doping body (RUSADA) has been ... Read More »

For the future of solar, we’ve got the tech—it’s the economics, stupid

In the US, the future of solar energy will be made in California. Earlier this month, the state’s governor signed legislation that commits California to obtaining half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. And to some extent, that future is now—the state’s utilities are working to meet a goal of one-third renewables by 2020. In a lot of ways, this ... Read More »

We Must Protect the On-Demand Economy to Protect the Future of Work

WHEN PEOPLE TALK about innovation, the term “disruptive” often tags along. Aside from being woefully overused, I’ve always thought this term missed the point. “Disruptive” focuses on the effect innovation has on competitors, instead of focusing on the those who benefit most from technological innovation—the people using the technology. From the perspective of users, technology is not a great “disruptor,” ... Read More »

Fresh Ideas for Future Cities

Historians will probably describe the hundred years to 2050 as the century of the city, the period when people around the world moved away from the countryside in search of jobs and prosperity. As we approach that mid-century point, the pace of urbanisation is only accelerating. Today, about half of the world’s population lives in cities, rising to an expected ... Read More »