Future of News: Seven insane ways tech will change news

The BBC, like many media organisations, is having a major head-scratching session about the whole future of news. As part of this exercise, I’ve been asked to write about the way technology could change the news business over the next decade. When I sat down to think about this, I realised that while there were bits of gadgetry that are ... Read More »

Space Trip – Christmas Present of the Year

December 15, 2030 – There’s no doubt what the most popular Christmas present will be this year. Influenced by the launch of the first manned mission to Mars next month, you will most likely get a present with stars, a gift card for a spacetrip. The interest in the suborbital trips (100 km above the surface of the Earth) have ... Read More »

Icelandic Hydrogen Finally Pushed Gasoline Off the Road

November 19, 2040 – Today was a historic day for Iceland when their President this morning at a symbolic ceremony officially shut down the last gasoline pump in the country. Iceland is a model country when it comes to the fuel transition from gasoline to hydrogen and became today the first country in the world to complete it. This date ... Read More »

First Marathon Under Two Hours

September 30, 2030 – Yesterday the 20-year-old Ethiopian wonderchild Demeke Retta took his first victory in the Berlin Marathon and became the first man under two hours ever! The new record is one hour 59 minutes 47 seconds. This was Demeke’s third victory in a major marathon of only five starts and he was of course very happy: “I knew ... Read More »

Euro Banknotes Invalid by Friday

September 26, 2040 – Hurry up if you still have euro banknotes lying around in your drawers, Friday is the last day for you to cash them in. Officials said yesterday that they are very pleased with the transition in removing the banknotes and coins from the market. Due to the lack of demand for cash and the development of ... Read More »

First Tourist Heading for Mars

September 21, 2050 – At a press conference today it was announced that the first tourist heading for Mars will be the 38-year-old US businessman Patrick Clifford. He will leave the earth in the launching window of June 2052 and set his foot on the surface of Mars in November, together with the other 6 astronauts assigned for the mission ... Read More »

Beam Yourself Around the World with Telebeamer

September 12, 2035 – Are you kidding? Is it possible to beam myself? No, of course not, but you can now make a 3-D projection of yourself anywhere in the world. The first product for real teleimmersion has been released, the Telebeamer. It consists of four 2-meter pillars, to set up so they form a square of about 4 square ... Read More »

Abuja Welcomes the World to the 37th Olympics

September 11, 2040 – There are only a couple of days left to the grand opening of the 37th Olympic Games in Abuja in Nigeria this Friday. It is the second time Africa is hosting the Olympics, and the organizers feel confident that it will be the best games ever. The opening is promised to present “the richness and flavors ... Read More »

Can Paralyzed Walk in the Future?

September 5, 2035 – More than 20,000 quadriplegics around the world have now got a BCI, a Brain Computer Interface. It gives them the ability to control their environment, from driving their own electric wheelchairs outside their house, to make their own dinner. The BCI consists of an internal sensor to detect brain cell activity and external processors that convert ... Read More »

Taming Hurricane Pedro Gives Hope for the Future

August 29, 2040 – Analysts believe that the effort in taming the hurricane Pedro is the main reason for it to still be considered a category four hurricane, before it reached the coast of southern Florida today. This is the first time ever a major hurricane has been affected in a measurable way by humans. The hurricane fighting fleet of ... Read More »