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Buyer’s Guide: Giant Defy Advanced 2

The road bike has been splitting into niches for years, with models assigned to categories then sifted into subcategories so often that even those of us at Bicycling sometimes have trouble deciding whether we’re on a gravel, plush, adventure, classics, or (perhaps my least-favorite moniker) an endurance bike. Whatever the name, the bikes marketed under these categories generally aim to ... Read More »

First Look: 2015 Specialized Women’s Bikes and Gear

Maybe it’s just my taste, but I used to always gravitate towards men’s bikes and gear, envious that I couldn’t find a women’s version that could look, perform, and fit just as well. These days, I find myself looking longingly at guys’ stuff less and less—with more and more brands offering well-thought-out, stylish, and performance-oriented women’s gear, I have plenty ... Read More »

Hope R8 mountain bike light£280.00

The big broad head uses four top LEDs behind clear lenses, but puts the bottom four behind an opaque diffuser lens. That concentrates the 3,000-lumen power output in a relatively focused side-to-side beam with a fairly sharp edge. The amount of light intensity from the front tyre to way down the trail is outstanding, making it a no-compromise night blaster. ... Read More »

DriveClub Bikes Review

Over twelve months on, DriveClub is quite a different beast, one that delivers far more of its original promise, with a functioning online set-up, mid-race challenges from other players and even more content. Surprise released during Paris Games Week,DriveClub Bikes now adds motorbikes into the mix, replete with a new handling model to master. And by god, is it fun.Once ... Read More »

Reviewed: Specialized Audax shoes

The Audax is designed around long rides — the name is another French term for randonneuring — and in some respects, Specialized hit its mark. It’s softer and more voluminously built than its racing brethren, with a stiff (but not too stiff) sole, more padding around the ankle, and a larger toebox. But it’s still a road shoe and is ... Read More »

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 6 Review: Daryl Stars In ‘Always Accountable’

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead picks up the pace a little bit from last week’s disaster, but we still find ourselves watching bits and segments of the full story rather than the whole thing. This time around we get Daryl, Abraham and Sasha. That’s a more sensible combination than the Rick/Maggie/Extras episode last week, but what we’re left with ... Read More »

Wide Load: Fat Bikes Explained

  Just like big tires, trends can take a long time to blow up. Consider the pathbreaking ­Pugsley, from alt-bike brand Surly. When introduced in 2005, the bike was unlike anything else out there. With 3.8-inch-widetires, it rode like a jeep, plowing over anything in its way. The bike was designed for riding across snowy trails, but soon turned up ... Read More »


This Santa Cruz Stigmata review appeared in Cyclocross Magazine Issue 29, which also featured a showcase on Ellen Noble, an interview with Sven Nys’ on his last season and much, much more. After taking our first look at the Santa Cruz Stigmata, we at CXM headquarters took the bike for an extended review. As we do with all of our ... Read More »

Review: Bontrager Old Man Winter boots

Cycling-specific, cold-weather boots have long seemed like a luxury item to me. That changed when I decided to get a fat bike for riding on snowy trails and decided to suck it up and pedal around my Colorado hometown all through winter. Suddenly, no overshoe was warm enough and no casual snow boot stiff or snug enough. After spending a few weeks with Bontrager’s ... Read More »


// It’s difficult to discuss action cameras without mentioning GoPro, the company that practically invented the category. Having sold millions, it ignited a new industry that has attracted a lot of “me too” companies, yet, GoPro has continued to dominate. One of the newer entries is the Virb from Garmin, better known for their GPS navigation and fitness devices. During ... Read More »