Nissan To Reveal New Wireless Charging System In 2016 Geneva Auto Show

Wireless charging seems to be the future for electric vehicles and now Nissan has confirmed that at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 in March, it will unveil a brand new, high-performance wireless charging system.
A short video previewing the system dubbed ‘Fuel Station of the Future’, showcases one of the most seamless wireless charging systems we’ve seen to date with theNissan Leaf being automatically recharged thanks to a charging device under the road. Additional details and specifics about the system are expected to be revealed when the it debuts in March.

While Nissan is at the forefront of wireless charging technologies, the automaker is unlikely to offer the system to the public for quite some time. As a matter of fact, current trials are tipped to run for five years or more, by which point, such systems should become much more commonplace, have bulletproof reliability and offer super fast charging.

Ultimately, Nissan wants to completely eliminate human intervention in the charging of electric vehicles.