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The Daily Startup: NovoCure IPO Misses Its Private Valuation

Medical-technology company NovoCure Ltd.NVCR -5.58% marks the latest company to price its initial public offering below its last private round, underscoring a disconnect between private valuations and what IPO investors are willing to pay. NovoCure  makes a device to treat a form of brain cancer. It launched on the Nasdaq NDAQ -0.10% on Friday, opening at $20.15 after selling 7.5 million shares at $22 ... Read More »

Exclusive: Car makers ‘can’t meet’ Euro6 emissions targets

With the VW Group emissions scandal in full swing, car makers ask EU regulators to lower NOx emissions targets for new cars The car industry has admitted that makers can’t meet 2020 diesel pollution targets and want to almost double Euro 6 limits under new tests, Auto Express understands. Its been revealed by an EU insider that the European Automobile ... Read More »

Stunning Vauxhall GT coupe has Audi TT in its sights

Our exclusive images show Vauxhall’s new Astra-based two-door coupe, called GT, could look when it arrives in 2017 Vauxhall looks to be back firing on all cylinders with its new, five-star Astra and rejuvenated small car range. A fresh Insignia is on its way, too, and there are rumours of a replacement for the ageing Antara mid-size SUV. But arguably ... Read More »

New 2016 Tesla Model X SUV: price, pictures, specs and ‘Falcon Wing doors’

Tesla boss Elon Musk has unveiled the new falcon-doored Tesla Model X SUV at a launch event in Los Angeles, California The Tesla Model X has arrived, catapulting electric car pioneer Tesla into the global SUV market. Tesla boss Elon Musk unveiled the new Model X to the world at a special launch event in California, revealing the key features of ... Read More »

Kia’s 2016 hybrid crossover takes shape in new spyshots

Kia will aim to steal the Toyota Prius’s thunder in 2016 with a petrol-electric crossover, and we’ve seen the design With the new Toyota Prius just revealed and many manufacturers jumping on the hybrid bandwagon, Kia is readying a new petrol-electric crossover for launch in the middle of 2016. These spyshots are the first we’ve seen of the as-yet-unnamed Korean ... Read More »

Porsche unveils roll-out £46k Cayman Black Edition

Porsche announces end-of-the-line Cayman Black Edition, priced at £45,989, with all-black trim and a bigkit upgrade Porsche has unveiled a new Black Edition of its Cayman sports car, and it’s the biggest sign yet that the the new facelift model is on the way. On sale now, the Porsche Cayman Black Edition gets a host of extra equipment and all-black ... Read More »

It’s optional extras that car buyers need to think about carefully”

Too often new car buyers don’t think about optional extras – and that’s a big mistake, says Mike Rutherford I honestly can’t remember the last time I drove a mainstream all-new model that was badly designed, unsafe, poor performing or unreliable. The hundreds I’ve driven over the last couple of years have started and stopped impressively. Each one has eagerly ... Read More »

Progress report: we compare Honda models old and new

We look at how Honda’s cars have evolved by comparing six of its class leaders at launch with their modern equivalents Time doesn’t stand still in the car market, and innovation can soon be made to look out of date. But is this really the case with the most pioneering models in Honda’s history? We’ve picked out six cars that ... Read More »

New hybrid Honda S2000 is taking shape

Honda’s hybrid replacement for the S2000 roadster to feature a 1.5-litre turbo with a total power output of 300bhp and F1 tech Honda will kick up another gear with plans to introduce a successor to the Honda S2000 roadster in 2018 – and our exclusive main image is the best hint yet at what it will look like.   Earlier ... Read More »

Motor salvage code could put consumers at risk

Proposals for a new code of conduct on how to scrap cars have been criticised for protecting insurers at the expense of the consumer by the National Association of Bodyshops (NAB). The Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) that’s required before repaired write-offs are allowed back on the road is scrapped, leading to a review of the Disposal of Motor Salvage code. ... Read More »